SSE Setup


If you are looking for a professional, no-nonsense program installer/uninstaller, this is it!

SSE SetupTM is a full-featured program installer and uninstaller for both 32-bit and 64-bit programs. It is extremely easy for you to create installers and your end-users will benefit from the installer's ease-of-use and recognizable UI.

Includes all the standard basics you'd expect plus lots of frills including full Internet Updating support, built-in multi-language support, non-admin install support, full prerequisite checking, .NET framework download ability for .NET installs, digital signature support, audio support, much much more!

Creates small, efficient self-extracting .EXE’s, .ZIP’s, and/or burns to CD or DVD. Installs work with most everything from Win 95 on (including Vista / 7) and require only minimal hardware and resources.

Don’t be conned by all those high-priced installers! SSE Setup can do much of what those installers can, and in many instances, do it better with a lot less work required on your part! (For more info on how SSE Setup differs from InstallShield®, WISE, MSI, etc, see SSE Setup Comparison)

With dozens of releases over many years, SSE Setup's been around and is a proven install/uninstall platform. Go with the Right Choice - SSE Setup: Simple, Smart, Easy.

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