SSE Setup

Assorted Old Applications

Many moons ago, in another universe, I created several programs for use in their day. Some of the better ones are below - just click the title to download. They are all free.

Desktop Locker (Win95/98/ME Only)

Desktop Locker is a desktop locking program for Windows 95/98/ME (and not any other versions). It can lock the desktop and require a password to free it. It can also password protect your computer so that every time your computer starts, you must enter a password. You can set it to do this before and/or after Windows loads. It can password protect DOS mode, can give you 60 seconds to enter the password before locking the computer, or can lock it right away. This program is not meant for and will not install correctly on modern Windows versions. It is only for use on 9x/ME.

DOS Menu Creator v1.0

Dos Menu Creator is a DOS program which will create colorful and professional customized menus to run programs in DOS. The menus can be password protected and they have full mouse support. Using this program, you can set up menus containing DOS programs and then you could have your menu run each time the computer starts. This program is a DOS program but should work with Windows 3.1 and most 32-bit versions of Windows (though the Security option of restarting the computer will not work and it does not support long filenames).

DATI v3.2

DATI v3.2 is a great DOS program to display date/time/message at startup. There are many options including: displaying military time and pausing or looping display. Different messages can be set up to display on different days. This is a DOS program but should work fine with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98.

CALCNOW! for DOS v1.0

CALCNOW! v1.0 is a DOS command line/environment calculator. It can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. It provides an easy way to quickly do calculations from the DOS prompt. This is a DOS program but should work fine with Windows 3.1 and most 32-bit versions of Windows.

EasyVu Editor v1.2

EasyVu v1.2 is a DOS ASCII text editor which can print, view, or create new files. It's main focus is on viewing/printing. It is better than many DOS editors because it requires little memory and does not read a file before it shows it to see if it will fit in memory. It will let you see as much of the file as it can before you run out of memory which can be very useful for large text files. There are known bugs with some features, but none affect the view/print options. This program should work fine with Windows 3.1 and most 32-bit versions of Windows but does not support long filenames.